2008, Year in Review – Part 1

2008 was a really interesting year for me. I will call it my pupil stage, where I started off as a slow moving, withdrawn caterpillar and began my transformation into a more creative, more compassionate butterfly. I wouldn’t say my transformation is complete but I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “You look like your old self again” or “What a difference a year makes” and “You are starting to look really good”. I wasn’t alone in my journey and I had a ton of people looking out for me and helping me along the way. To them, I will be forever in their debt.

So here’s my year in review:

I found myself in many new places and all over the country. I started off by going to San Diego to visit Steph’s sister and Sean’s brother. It was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean and the entire trip was a LOT of fun thanks to our hosts.

Day 52 - Sunset Beach, San Diego, CA

In March 2008, I started Shutter On The Street. A photo project documenting street performers and trying to shed a positive light on their profession. Through out that journey I have met a lot of really interesting people. The project is on hiatus right now but will pick back up in the spring when the performing picks back up. Photographing these performers and then *gasp* talking to them was a huge mental block for me. I was terrified when I started doing it but I always tried to keep a very cool demeanor which paid off. Now I have no problem talking to them and I have no problem being rejected (like I was in Boston). The site was even named one of 20 Awesome photo blogs of Baltimore.

Balloon Bender

On April 13th, I celebrated Sean Carabine’s life with his family and friends on Main Beach in East Hampton, NY. The weekend was full of emotion but surprisingly, most of it not sad or negative but rather uplifting and inspirational. I gained a lot of strength and will that weekend that had been missing for some time. This would become a re-occuring theme whenever I returned to that beach.

Sean Carabine Memorial Bench

…More to come…

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  1. Missy
    January 6, 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    You’ve had such an eventful year. Mine has been horrible. I am working on a better 2009.

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