Holidays Are Coming Fast

It’s been a little while since I posted so I thought I would put something quick together.  The holidays have really snuck up on me and I feel very unprepared.  The Christmas spirit just hasn’t hit me and it’s not as though I am feeling very “hum-bug”-gy, I just haven’t gotten into it. 

Work has been crazy busy and I was putting in some of the longest hours I’ve put in since signing up with the company (two years ago on December 11th).  In addition to being very busy, we also went through a reduction in staff which resulted in my team losing one member and one of my closest co-workers and friend.  Our team is very close and I consider all of them my friends so the loss of anyone was really tough for me.  The company seems to have done a good job in taking care of the people we loss so I do find some solace there. 

Photography has been keeping me real busy as well.  So busy in fact that I’ve had to schedule a few sessions on week days to accommodate schedules.  A few weeks back, I did Steph’s cousin.  He is one of the most intelligent two year olds I’ve ever met and fully grasps the concept of bargaining 🙂  I’m finding the two year old age range to be very challenging for getting poses for photographs.  The children I’ve met so far are very energetic and very playful, they just don’t want to play in front of the backdrops, with the exception of the Howe’s son who loved hamming it up 🙂  I’m thinking I need to adjust my approach with them and get less of a posed look and get more of them just being kids and clean up the background in post processing. 

I had two more practice sessions this weekend.  My friend Jonny’s wife is pregnant with their second and she agreed to let me come over and try some maternity shots with her.  She had one of the nicest smiles I’ve ever seen.  She really made my job super easy and was a natural model.  She would strike a pose, wait for me to shoot it and then she’d change poses.  It was great.  And their daughter was so much fun.  She would dance all over the living room and loved playing with the letter blocks I brought.  It was great entertainment.  I will post some samples once I’ve had a chance to show them to Jonny and Melissa and she gives me the nod that it’s okay to share.

After Jonny’s, I drove out to Hampstead to see my friend and old manager from CareFirst and IBM to photograph his family.  They have 4 kids ranging from 19 to 12 and they are very into sports.  I capitalized on that fact and did some personality shots with their favorite sports jersey’s and nascar drivers.  They have an awesome family dynamic and it’s just so much fun to watch them interact, and they are FUNNY!!!  Again, I’ll post them when I get a chance to show them first.


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