52 Week Project

Last year you may remember that I attempted a 365 project (a self portrait a day for an entire year). Well I had mixed success and eventually abandoned the project due to a lack of focus.

This year I decided I wanted to do something similar but with less demand on my very busy schedule so I undertook a 52 Project. Which is a photo a week for an entire year. I changed the rules of this year’s project so that it didn’t have to be a self portrait. I wanted to leave it more open and really allow for some of the photo shoots I’ve been working on to count towards my project. My weeks run Monday-Sunday and so far I am on Week #5. I haven’t missed a week since I started and I think that my photos have varied quite a bit in subjects. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep up the interesting-ness of the photos but I am having fun exploring other areas of photography through this project.

My photos so far:

Week 1/52 - Introduction

Spirited Breath

Falling Branch Waterfall - Winter

Angelic Mom - BW

Samantha's First Birthday

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