Soccer Photo Session

I wanted to get some sample wall clings for the studio to show to customers so I decided a mini photo shoot was in order to get some good samples. I thought some good action sport shots would make a good sample product so I enlisted the help of my two cousins and their soccer skills to build an image.

Kelsie Soccer

We arrived at the field around 5 and the sun was much brighter than I thought it would be so I struggled for a little while getting the strobes bright enough and close enough without being in danger of being kicked or knocked over.

Bethany Soccer

My final setup was as follows:
580EXII – to camera right and behind model, bare, full power, Full CTO gel
580EXII – to camera left in front of model, bare, full power, Full CTO gel
580EXII – to camera right in front of model, umbrella, half power, Full CTO gel
1/250 @ f/22

As you can see, I had Full CTO gels on the lights so I shot in Tungsten to give the sky a more blue look. I also had the aperture squeezed down as far as it would go because I wanted to lower the ambient light and I couldn’t go any faster on the shutter speed. This meant I had to pump up my strobes to full power and get them in close.

When the samples arrive, I will post what they look like.

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