Archive | May, 2009

3D Street Art – Crevasse

I love street art, all forms, and so I thought I would post this video of the making of a 3d Street Art piece by Edgar Mueller title “Crevasse”. It was made in Ireland for the “Festival of World Culture”. It took 5 days and 5 assistants to paint the 250 square meter piece.

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Fashion Show – Week 18

My photography has been all over the place lately. Two weeks ago I was in my comfort zone shooting Liam’s 3 month infant pictures. Later that same day, I found myself very uncomfortable shooting a wedding reception for a friend. It’s the last place I ever thought I would find myself shooting but I learned […]

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Liam at 3 Months

Over on Shawn Grimes Photography, I posted an entry about my latest session with Little Liam. His Mom and him came by for a 3 month portrait session and we had a lot of fun. There is also a video of the session at the bottom of the post. This was also a chance to […]

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