Model Search, Honfest, No Doubt = Fun Filled Weekend

This past weekend was very busy but a lot of fun. On Saturday, I had a full day of photo sessions starting with some test sessions from my model search. I had two very cute and polite boys come in for a test session and they were an absolute pleasure. You can read more about them on my other blog here: Shawn Grimes Photography.

Carla, a neighbor, came over with her kids after the test sessions for a mini session too. That was a lot of fun. Her children are all amazing, she has 5 of them and they are the most well behaved children I have ever known. They are so helpful and polite and just a pleasure to be around, it’s very impressive. I will post some of those pictures when I am finished editing them.

After Carla, Sami came over for a secret session. She wasn’t in a good mood when she got there but she did a great job during her session and her mood picked up. We did 6 scenes with her which is really a large number. But it was a lot of fun. After her session, Andy and Niki, Sami’s parents, hung out for dinner and chatting. It was a good finish to a busy day.

On Sunday, I met Evan down in Hampden for Honfest. It was really crowded but still a lot of fun. I couldn’t stay long because I was going to the No Doubt concert afterwards and had to leave at 3:30 but I had fun while I was there.

From No Doubt Concert

So after Honfest, Steph, Courtney and I headed down to Nissan Pavilion in Virginia to see No Doubt. It was a great concert. The Sounds opened for No Doubt and I got to meet them after their set. It was really cool. No Doubt was awesome, I’ve always liked their music but their live show is just full of energy. It was great.

From No Doubt Concert

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