North Carolina

I’m currently wrapping up one vacation and starting a second one (back-to-back). I am literally on the road writing this on my way from North Carolina where I spent a week relaxing with Jessop, Lauren, Mike, and Steph. We didn’t do a whole lot which was exactly what I was looking forward too. The drive down there went by fast as I slept most of the way (after a late night out the night before we left with my friend Evan).

From North Carolina

We went to a real grass putt putt range and the guy running it was originally from Maryland. He was a really awesome, laid back beach bum and we chatted with him for 30 minutes while we waited for the girls to return with our liquid refreshments for the course.

From North Carolina

We all worked on a pretty difficult puzzle for a few days (wild and crazy kids, I know) but it was a lot of fun working on it together. Another favorite of the week was Rock Band. Mike brought his Xbox and Rock Band setup and his HUGE collection of songs and we rocked out until the wee hours of the night/morning.

From North Carolina
From North Carolina

We also did a lot of hot tubbing and laying by the pool. The house was awesome complete with hammocks for napping and lots of porches to sit on and look out over the dunes and into the sky. I did take a short walk up to the beach one night and put my toes in the sand and surf but since I really hate putting on sun screen, I pretty much stayed to the house and shade.

From North Carolina

Jessop and Lauren kept us fed with delicious food all week including roasted free range chicken, bison burgers, chicken chili, and pasta with bison meat balls. It was great not having to worry about what/where to eat and leaving it all to them.

From North Carolina

I also had quite a bit of editing of photos to do on this trip. It has been a very busy time for taking portraits. I had 13 photo sessions scheduled between July 4th and July 17th. It was a lot of fun doing all of those sessions and getting ready for them. I’ve been going through the photos (all 2400 of them) and editing them and culling them. I’ve been really happy with the way that they have turned out. I’ve been spending time during my vacation editing the photos and getting them ready for everyone.

Steph has been doing the blog posts for me for my site to off load some of the work and it’s been a real big help.

Here are some photo sessions that have been posted lately:

  • Akira – White Marsh Children’s Portraits
  • Nick – 3 Year Old – White Marsh Children’s Portraits
  • Caleb – Fort Meade Newborn Portraits
  • Cooper – White Marsh Newborn Portraits
  • Here’s a sneak preview of a model session I did before leaving for vacation. I’m still deciding if I want to post the modeling sessions on my main photography website or start a new one but you can see the photos with this link: Aberdeen Model Portfolio Photographer

    Now we are on our way to West Viriginia for the weekend for some more relaxing with friends and Steph’s family. Steph’s cousins and sister pitched in and got a house up there for the weekend so I’m really looking forward to hanging out with them this weekend, despite the 12 hour drive from NC to WV, ugh!

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