PosePad v2.0 is Pending Approval

PosePad v2.0 has been submitted for approval.

In this new version, you can now organize your poses into books.  So you could have a book for newborn poses, a book for senior poses, etc.

I also introduced a thumbnail view of your poses so that you can easily see what is on your pose book.

And finally, you can now download sample pose books and poses from the PosePad server.  These are only meant as samples right now to show you what can be done in PosePad.  The premise of PosePad is still to organize your own shots and ideas but feel free to incorporate these samples into your workflow if you like them.

The next version of PosePad will feature more complete pose books that you can download.  Some will be free and some will be available for in-app purchasing.

Here are some new screen shots:

Download sample pose books and poses

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