v1.2 is approved and available

Version 1.2 has been approved and is now available for download. It features large improvements in stability and performance. In the underbelly, I moved from storing the images and poses in a flat file to a more stable method of using CoreData and a database.

I’m now looking for testers and reviewers. If you are a blogger and a photographer, I would love to send you a code to get a free copy in exchange for your feedback on the app. I have some ideas for future versions but I’d love to get some feedback on it.

If you are interested, send an email to shawn@posepad.com with:

  • Review” in the subject.
  • Please include a brief (sentence or two) of your photography bio (I’m just looking for what kind of work you do: children, fashion, commercial, etc).
  • And then please include a link to your blog so I can follow you.

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