Favorite iPad Apps

Here’s my list of my favorite iPad apps:

Books and Documents
GoodReader for iPad ($0.99) – great PDF reader. Pull files from Google Docs, MobileMe, Web sites, local network shares, or through iTunes.

iBooks (free) – Apple’s own hand at a ebook reader. Pretty good interface, if you want recent books and NY Times Best sellers, you’ll be happy with the selection. Older books or non-popular books are missing from the library. But there is also a great selection of free books from Project Gutenberg.

Kindle (free) – Amazon’s kindle application. The interface is okay, not as good as iBooks but the selection of books is much better and easier to browse.

iVerse Comics (free) – Same interface as the Marvel app but this app includes Marvel and non-Marvel comic books. The interface for reading comic books is just awesome. Read by page or by panel. It has rekindled my interests in comics and I find myself buying one or two a week.

Zinio (free) – Magazine reader for iPad. Decent selection of magazines. If you don’t find the magazine you are looking for, try searching the app store for the name of the magazine, e.g. Vanity Fair has their own app ($4.99).

ToDo for iPad ($4.99) – I tried both ToDo and Things ($9.99). I liked ToDo more because it offered online synching with the service Toodledo so I can edit task items on my iPad or at my computer. I also liked the interface better than Things. All my lists were presented on the left hand side when in landscape mode versus Things which required two “clicks” to get to my list of projects. ToDo also supports the idea of tasks having subtasks (they call these project tasks) which I really liked. It would allow you to define milestones with goals for each milestone.

Note Taking
PaperDesk ($1.99) – Hands down the best note taking app. Record audio, type notes or free hand draw them (Stylus recommended – Pogo Sketch).

Netflix (free) – Manage your Netflix queue from your iPad or watch movies from Netflix on your iPad.

Astraware Sudoku ($4.99) – I haven’t tried all the Sudoku apps but I’ve tried a few and this is my favorite. I like that you can easily make notes in the cell about possible numbers.

Scrabble ($9.99) – Fantastic game play on the iPad. It’s great to play with family and friends and makes the whole game fun and new again. Get the Scrablle Tile Rack app for your iPhone and use your iPhone to hold your tiles while you play a group game.

Demolition Master ($1.99) – As my Father can attest, this is a very addictive game. In part because it is so easy to play yet so challenging. I like the graphics in this game but the game play is a little more interesting in Implode XL ($2.99)

Plants vs Zombies HD($9.99) – A very addictive and fun game.

Angry Birds ($4.99) – a crush the castle clone that is fun but very challenging.

Real Racing HD ($9.99) – it seems expensive but once you see the graphics, you’ll realize that there is a lot of production value behind this game. Great game play and a real testament to the power of the iPad and its graphics.

That’s all for now.

2 Responses to “Favorite iPad Apps”

  1. joy
    May 21, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    you shud look into becomin a spokesperson for ipad cause ur doin a great job! Lol. Havin said that, where’s PosePad on ur list?

    • Shawn Grimes
      May 24, 2010 at 10:16 am #

      Well of course PosePad is my most favoriteist app ever! 🙂 I have to do announce post for PosePad on this blog, I haven’t actually let the readers on here know about my new project so thanks for reminding me.

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