The Power and Portability of the iPad – A True Story

I just wanted to share a quick story about one of my many positive experiences with the iPad. As you know, I recently gave my sister a hackintosh for her trip to Africa. While I was delivering her gift at dinner, she mentioned the desire to have a blog so she could write about her trip. This is where the iPad came in handy and was incredibly useful.

GoDaddy iPad App

While at dinner, I fired up my iPad and launched the GoDaddy app. I searched for domains and found that was available and registered it.

Next, I logged into my web hosting server with iSSH and provisioned her account, created a new database and installed WordPress. Having the iPad in landscape mode makes the keyboard very usable with two hands and it was a cinch to use the terminal session. iSSH even allows you to assign macros to a macro wheel to ease repetitive typing.

iSSH iPad App

After everything was setup on the server, I configured her DNS records through the GoDaddy web interface and voila! Her blog was online. All in about 20 minutes and while we were sitting there talking about it. This scenario just demonstrates the power of this portable device and usefulness.

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