v2.5 Submitted For Approval

The next release of PosePad has been submitted for approval.  There are quite a few fixes and some new features in this release.  I’ve listed them below.  Two things that I want to make special mention of.  The Pose Store is introduced in this release.  I will be selling packs of poses for you to download.  I will continue to offer the free samples to download as well.  If you are interested in putting together a book of poses for sale, feel free to contact me shawn{at}posepad{.}com and we can discuss it.

Posebook Store

The other features is the ability to draw lighting diagrams in PosePad.  Click the pencil icon in the top right of the pose details view and the page will flip to a very basic studio setup.  Here I have included very basic drawing capabilities to make a rough sketch of your lighting setup if you choose.

Draw Lighting Diagrams

New Features and Fixes:

  • Introduction of pose store where you can pose packs (none available just yet)
  • Free sample poses are now found under pose store “Get Free Samples” button
  • You can now draw lighting diagrams for your poses
  • Settings button where you can choose to sort your poses manually or alphabetically
  • Label explaining how to pinch to expand the pose full screen (turn this off on the settings screen)
  • Info button with lots of useful links
  • You can now have poses with the same name and the images won’t overwrite each other
  • Fixed a scrolling bug on the thumbnail view
  • Ability to delete Default PoseBook
  • Automatically finds poses that have been orphaned and puts them in an orphaned pose book

Have a suggestion or a request for the next version?  Feel free to submit a request, I’m very open to your suggestions and may even reward you for submitting a good idea or finding bugs.

Thanks again everyone.

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