Delays and Rejections

I’ve had a few people ask me when the next version was coming out. I’ve had a few issues getting the latest version through the Apple approval process. After 7 days, Apple finally reviewed my submission and rejected it. The rejection was justified, the in-app store just didn’t work. I had made some changes on the server side after the binary was submitted and didn’t realize it broke the binary.

After a quick fix and a resubmittal the same day, I had to wait another 7 days for them to review the app. This time the app was rejected again but I forget for what reason but I remember it was justified as well and I was a bit embarrassed.

I submitted a fix again and had to wait another 7 days. 7 days seems to be the amount of time it takes Apple to wade through all of their numerous submissions and finally get to yours. Especially with the looming iOS4 release, I’m sure they have had a huge flux of new app submissions and iPad releases probably aren’t as high on their priority list. This time, I’m told that my app is rejected because it contains images which look like polaroid pictures and that they have had issues in the past with Polaroid contacting them about infringement. I feel Polaroid is being a bit neurotic about a product they barely even sell now but I can respect Apple’s desires to not get involved. I just wish they would have brought this up in submission 1 or 2 (the feature has been there through each of those submissions). Additionally, they rejected the app because a UIPicker spanned the entire width of the screen, which is a No No according to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. A valid reason again but also something they should have caught in submissions 1 or 2 and I could have had fixed before the third submission.

I have submitted another binary for their review, I fully expect this to take another 7 days before they get to review it and hopefully then it will be approved. I will keep you apprised of the progress.

Thanks for your support.

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