My Latest iPhone/iPad app – StackEm

I’ve released my second iPhone/iPad app. This time a game called StackEm. StackEm is a connect-four-like game with a three dimensional twist. You can stack larger sized pieces on smaller pieces to block or win. It is inspired by the game Gobblet, one of my favorite board games.

The goal of the game is to get four of your pieces in a row. You can use larger pieces to cover smaller pieces on the board (yours or your opponents) in order to block or win.

I’m currently giving away 5 copies to anyone who comments on the blog posts on the official page:

iPhone StackEm Screenshot v1.5

Here is a short video showing the game play of version 1.5 (currently pending approval by Apple but the only difference between v1 and v1.5 is the graphics):

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