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Rework Rework by Jason Fried

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a really short book with a lot of inspirational and sound advice. It offered examples from the authors experiences as founders of Basecamp and Ruby on Rails and how they’ve kept their company small and employees dispersed and have been very successful in a specific market. They haven’t claimed to be anything that they aren’t and they do a few things and do them very well rather than being broad generalists. I liked how they encouraged companies to stay small and profitable rather than expanding and sinking, it sounds obvious but everyone has seen a company who has gotten too big too quick and sank themselves. I also like how they weren’t afraid to get qualified employees where ever they were and aren’t afraid of telecommuting. They are very forward thinking and have built an agile company that is profitable and can respond to change. They are the small ship tacking quickly in the seas.

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