v1.8 Available For Download

Version 1.8 of StackEm has been approved for download to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For those of you that have been playing, please rate it and leave a review in the App Store. This helps me out tremendously. Thanks!

This latest version includes:

  • OpenFeint Integration:
    • High Scores
    • Achievements, try to get a 5+ game win streak
  • More difficult computer player
  • Winning streak tracking
  • Gaming Stats
  • Options Menu allows you to:
    • Change board theme:

      • Red Glass
      • Blue Glass
      • Wood
    • Clear Stats
    • Invite a friend to play the game
  • PlayHaven integration

    And a new icon to show it works with OpenFeint:
    Ipad Icon with OpenFeint logo

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