Coming Soon…

I’m looking for InfoSec persons that might be interested in helping me test out a new security iPad/iPhone app I’m working on.  It’s a search utility for querying the Common Vulnerability Exchange.  You can search for vulnerabilities based on any text in the CVE description or reference or by CVE number directly.  You can also get the latest CVE entries or today’s CVE entries.  Once you have found a CVE, you can tweet about it or email it to a recipient.

It does require a network connection as iOS devices just don’t have enough juice to store the repository local so it does a web search and parses the xml results.

I want to get your feedback to see if:
A) it is useful
B) what additional features should be added.
C) layout/design considerations

If you are interested, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll give you more details.

Don’t worry, it can’t hurt your device, it just might crash or not be very polished while I work on it.

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