New App Coming Soon…Pond Hopper

Draft Title Screen

PondHopper is a puzzle game in which you must hop the characters on the board in order to get the large green frog to the lilly pad with the lotus flower. It’s similar to those peg hopping IQ games.

Objective: Have the green frog hop over the other characters to reach the lilly pad with the red lotus flower.


  • Characters must hop over other characters to move.
  • Characters can only hop up/down/left/right, not diagonally
  • Characters can hop over 1 or 2 characters but they must hop over a character to move.
  • The Green frog can not sit next to the Dragon Fly

It is currently being beta tested. If you would like to help test, please sign up here:
iBetaTest – PondHopper

Here is a video of gameplay:

The official site of this app will be: so head over there to add it to your RSS feeds.

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