A Review: A Number Of Uses

This is what one of PosePad’s users had to say about the app:

A Number of uses (5 stars)
by wirld – Version 2.6 – 13-Sept-2010

I like to be able to show clients different possibilities – Posepad allows me to create various notepads for various client situations. Also, Posepad allows me to setup a shoot oder – before I start a shoot I like to know exactly what’s intended so I can get the shoot order sorted in terms of make-up, wardrobe and set which makes the whole process run more smoothly…finally it’s really useful when I meet a new model – I’m able to build up a notepad on the things they like, things they need in their portfolios etc. This makes the shoot more focused.

Those features would have given the app a 4, in my eyes…but when I made an app suggestion, I got a polite email from Shawn within 20 minutes, thanking me for the suggestion – and I think that’s just awesome.


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