Pond Hopper – Name The Frog Poll

I’ve collected the names for the main character that were submitted and I just couldn’t decide on one, so I’m throwing it out there as a poll and my visitors can vote on the name they like best. You’ll find the poll on the right hand side of the Pond Hopper Website. Please vote and ask your friends to vote as well. I can’t say that the winner of the vote will be the name chosen, but it will help me get an idea of what everyone else likes. The winner of the poll will receive a $10 gift card to iTunes though, so ask your friends to vote too.

And what the heck, leave a comment on here about who you voted for and I will pick one lucky commenter to also receive a $10 gift card to iTunes.

Hurry, Froggie needs a name…

FatFrog IdleFatFrogLeapLRG_80x80.png

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