Pond Hopper New Artwork – Tree Frog

And finally, I get to introduce the last character in Pond Hopper, a small tree frog. What I love about Seth Robles’ work is the little details. This is a small character and Seth has managed to capture another great personality. The large nose, furled eyebrow and speedo make for a very interesting minor character IMO. Like all characters on the board, the tree frog must move by jumping 1 or 2 other characters in an up/down/left/right direction. He’s small enough to sit next to any character including the large dragon fly.

TreeFrog Idle Tree Frog Leaping

So now the characters have been revealed and finalized. I’m still looking for a few more testers to test out the levels and make sure they are the right balance of challenging and fun. If you are interested in testing it on your device, use my contact form.

I’m also still running the contest to name the main character. Win a $10 gift card to iTunes by suggesting a name for the character.

FatFrogLeapSML_160x160.pngFatFrog Idle

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