PosePad v2.9 Released

PosePad v2.9 has been approved by Apple and is available for download now. This new version has a few minor feature updates:

First off, a very important warning, deleting a pose book now deletes all the images/poses within that book. No more orphan poses. So if you want to keep a pose, make sure you move it to another book before you delete the book.

Secondly, you can now add notes to a pose book. Add notes such as model name, session date/time, or even the needed equipment for that session.

It is now easier to create multiple poses for a pose book. When you go into edit mode and click the Add button, the image selector shows up. Each time you select an image, it will create a new pose.

Finally, there is no more pose store. Instead all of the poses are offered as free samples. I’m just not in the business to provide posing samples, instead I want to provide a utility to manage a sessions workflow.

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