Some new artwork – the DragonFly

Today I would like to announce our latest character to Pond Hopper. Again this character was designed by Seth Robles. One thing that I love about Seth’s design work is the personalities that he creates in his characters. He did this with the StackEm blocks, giving each of them a different look and with it, a different personality. Last week I showed his design for the main character, a frog wearing flowered jam shorts and throwing up peace signs as he jumped. (BTW, you could still win a $10 gift card to iTunes by suggesting a name for this character).

The character I’m releasing this week is the Dragonfly. The dragonfly is a very large, dominating character who covers 1 full lillypad and half a lillypad in each direction around (up, down, left, right). For this reason, the big frog and the dragonfly can never sit next to each other (and this dragon fly is just too big to eat). Only the small tree frogs can sit next to the dragonfly.

DragonFly IdleDragonFly_flying_246x243.png


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