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I posted this post on my new side project “Develop Baltimore” which I’ll briefly describe here but since the original announcement of the class was on this site, I thought the follow up should be here too.

Develop Baltimore
At a brunch for the Baltimore Cocoa group, we discussed how there really isn’t a way for Baltimore Developers to let people know when their new apps come out. The idea came up to create a blog where Baltimore developers (and by Baltimore, I mean Baltimore and the surrounding areas), could post news releases for their apps to get the word out and for people to see what other people in the area are working on.

If you are a developer (Web, iOS, Android, WebOS, etc.) and you have something to share, sign up for an account on DevelopBaltimore and send me a story.

This past weekend Ray Wenderlich and Shawn Grimes hosted an iOS 101 Programming course in Owings Mills, MD. The course featured an introduction to Objective-C and programming techniques for the iPhone and iPad.

IOS 101 - Ray Teaching

This all came together because Ray and Shawn met at the Baltimore Hackathon and discussed how the Baltimore community needed more mobile developers. In less than a month’s time, the class was put together and organized. Shawn worked on arranging the facilities and operations aspects of the course while Ray focused on the material and instruction. It was a great team up of two inspired, local developers.

“There is tremendous interest in mobile app development but many people don’t know where to start. We wanted to create a course that was informative and easy for anyone interested to attend” – Shawn Grimes

iOS 101 Packed Class

The class sold out in less than 3 days time, even after adding an additional 10 tickets and finding a larger venue. And at only $10 a ticket, it’s no surprise that the event sold out so quickly. Attendees included designers looking to get a developer’s perspective, security engineers interested in iPhone Development, and experienced software developers looking to expand their knowledge and scope.

Even though it was an inexpensive class, attendees were treated to all of the traditional amenities expected at a training including t-shirts, USB thumb drives with course materials, and an assortment of door prizes. All of these things were donated by Ray and Shawn or their supporters.


Ray and Shawn would like to thank the following supporters:

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