Tools for Devs: App Viz 2

Idea Swarm has announced a new version of their popular tool for iOS developers, App Viz 2. The popular App Viz products give you insight into your iOS app sales on the iOS and Mac App Stores. It provides a number of charts and graphs that help you get an idea of how your apps are performing in the app store.


  • Downloads reviews
  • Stores In App Purchases under the relative app name rather than a separate item
  • Stacked graphs of App Sales
  • Download App Rankings
  • Record events so you can see what effect certain marketing techniques have on your sales
  • one time fee vs. monthly charges


  • No syncing of data across multiple computers, this is kind of a big one for me but I still prefer App Viz 2 compared to web based apps.
  • You have to remember to open App Viz every couple of days to download your data, there’s no way to schedule the download unless the app is open, makes sense but is still a downer.

I love data and App Viz 2 does a great job of visualizing App Store data in a way that is just fun to look at šŸ™‚ Even if my apps aren’t doing as well as I would like, I appreciate the colorful graphs, data and statistics. I would highly recommend App Viz 2 to anyone who wants to keep track of how their app sales are doing.AppViz 2 ReportsAppViz 2 Reviews

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  1. Vicki
    June 2, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    Pretty graphs make everything better! Thanks for the overview, I especially like that they are now listing in-app purchases under their respective app rather than separately.

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