Archive | July, 2011

Are You Ready for the PondHopper Challenge?

To celebrate the release of PondHopper v. 3 , we are hosting a 3-week contest and giveaway! Our goal is to help promote the app and build some excitement about the game. There are a few ways you can enter and you can find all the information for the contest right here. The contest begins […]

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PondHopper is Back and Better Than Ever!

PONDHOPPER WILL RETURN TO THE APP STORE TOMORROW WITH A NEW VERSION!! The puzzle game you know and love will be back in the App Store TOMORROW with a new version! PondHopper v. 3.0 is more fun and fresh than the original. New to PondHopper? Keep reading… The biggest improvement in the newest version is […]

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Calculating Heading with CoreLocation

It’s fairly easy to get the heading of the user as they move in an iPhone app. More difficult however, is how to find the heading between two specific points that the user may or may not be at. In my case, this was in order to let the user pick a specific point, walk […]

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