PondHopper is Back and Better Than Ever!


The puzzle game you know and love will be back in the App Store TOMORROW with a new version! PondHopper v. 3.0 is more fun and fresh than the original. New to PondHopper? Keep reading…

The biggest improvement in the newest version is easier levels for more satisfying game play.
We heard your comments and addressed your concerns about the levels being too difficult. Now, each level in PondHopper gets increasingly more difficult as you play through, instead of being too tough at the outset. This makes for more enjoyable game play and less frustration.

You can also share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter.
Not only is PondHopper Game Center enabled, but you can also share your highest scores in each pond on your Facebook or Twitter pages. This adds an entirely new level of fun to game play since you can play against your friends for the highest scores in each level.

PondHopper’s already amazing graphics are now optimized for retina display.
The graphics in the game are already pretty impressive and definitely fun, but now they are crystal clear with the retina display optimization. With better graphics you should have no problem getting that frog back to his lily pad home.

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For those of you who might be new to PondHopper, here’s a little bit about the game:
Overcome obstacles and beat the bullies to conquer the pond in this exciting puzzle game!

As the largest frog in the pond, all you’re trying to do is get back to your lily pad, if only these smaller frogs and bully dragonflies would get out of your way!

The object of this easy to learn and quick to play puzzle game is to hop over the characters on the board in order to get the large green frog to the lily pad with the lotus flower. Try to accomplish this goal in the lowest possible number of moves for each level, then share your success in the Game Center, on Facebook or Twitter.

With 5 increasingly difficult ponds featuring 125 different levels, you can briefly exercise your mind or pass the time while waiting in line, or pick up anytime for longer play.


Excited to play? Download PondHopper in the App Store TOMORROW!!!
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