Where Have I Been? – Part 1

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog and I wanted to catch everyone up with what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so quiet. This will be part 1. I have somre more to announce but some of it is not ready yet.

Campfire Apps

My last post was on August 8th, but the story actually starts in June. My wife left her full time job as an kindergarten teacher to start her own app development company. That’s right, my wife went full time indie before I did *sigh*. It was a bold move and I admire her courage greatly. She started Campfire Apps, a mobile app development company aimed at bringing apps to teachers, families, and children. Her goal was to introduce apps that families could play together, apps that would enhance learning at home and at school, and apps that would benefit educators.

Her new company is much more focused than anything I’ve done in the past (which has pretty much been whatever I felt like doing at the time: photography, games, security, workshops, etc.). This is something new for my work style but I have found that it focuses my mind more. Any idea that I have or any work that I want to do, I just ask myself if it fits in with the core fundamentals of Campfire Apps. And if you haven’t gathered yet, I’m working for/with her đŸ™‚

APPlied Club

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