Shawn's Bits

I’ve recently taken to writing iPhone and iPad apps in my spare time as a hobby.  I had some software needs and ideas for the devices and rather wait for someone else to satisfy my wants, I took the reigns myself and learned Objective-C and started developing.

My first project was PosePad, an application for the iPad for photographers.  This application allows you to organize shot and scene ideas for a photo shoot and helps you record lighting information as well as other notes about the scene.  It is of great benefit when planning and organizing your workflow during a session.

My next project, StackEm, is an iPhone and iPad universal board game.  It is inspired by the game Gobblet and is a connect four-like game with an added degree of strategy and difficulty becuase pieces can be covered by other larger pieces.  This was something that my family of cousins and I loved to play and so I turned it into an iOS game as a challenge to myself.

I greatly enjoyed developing on this platform and look forward to enhancing my existing apps and hopefully coming with a few ideas for new ones.