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Pond Hopper is an exciting new casual puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It features 5 different levels with 125 different puzzles.
Features:*Easy to learn*Quick to play*Game Center High Scores
Benefits:*Challenge your mind*Kill some time while in line or waiting*Share your scores with social media
The movement in the game has been compared to the peg like IQ games found at highway restaurants with more complexity and no removing of pegs.
OBJECTIVE: The goal of the game is to get the main character, a large green frog named Sonny, to the lillypad with the red lotus flower.


  • Characters must hop over other characters to move.
  • Characters can only hop up/down/left/right, not diagonally
  • Characters can hop over 1 or 2 characters but they must hop over a character to move.
  • The Green frog can not sit next (up/down/left/right, diagnoal is okay) to the Dragon Fly.

Pond Hopper is a puzzle game featuring three characters.
The main character is a large green frog who is trying to get to the red lotus. He takes up an entire lilly pad.FatFrogLeapSML_160x160.png
One secondary character is the small tree frog. He is a small frog and only takes up half a lilly pad.TreeFrog Idle
The third character is a dragon fly. The dragon fly is a large character and takes up one full lilly pad, plus half a lilly pad in front, behind, and next to where he sits because of his large wings and long body. Because of their size, Sonny, the large green frog, and the dragon fly can never sit next to each other. This dragon fly is just too large for this frog to eat. (This design is not final and is subject to change)DragonFly Idle
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