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Calculating Heading with CoreLocation

It’s fairly easy to get the heading of the user as they move in an iPhone app. More difficult however, is how to find the heading between two specific points that the user may or may not be at. In my case, this was in order to let the user pick a specific point, walk […]

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Xcode 4 Shortcuts and Tricks

Here’s a few useful shortcuts and tricks that I’ve found for using Xcode 4. I thought they would be useful to share with you. If you have any that I missed, feel free to share them in the comments! Also, don’t miss my tips on using Accessorizer for other quick shortcuts for development. Switch Between […]

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Tools For Devs: Accessorizer

In this series, Tools For Devs, I’m going to highlight a few tools that have made my life easier as a developer. The first tool I want to highlight is one that I can’t believe I went without for so long. It’s called Accessorizer and if you haven’t seen it before or you have but […]

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